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Extra Time (Overtime) in soccer

Let’s talk about extra time in a soccer match, also called overtime. I know you have questions like “Can I bet on extra time? Do soccer bets include extra time? What about extra-time In-play markets?

Let’s start with

Extra time in a soccer match

The extra time or the overtime in a match is the additional period of play after the regular 90 minutes. It’s very common that the match has two halves and each one is 45 minutes long. Between the two halves, there are 15 minutes of break. The delays that happen in regular time, known as stoppage time (time lost for substitutions, time wasted by the players), or injury time (injuries during the game) is an additional time at the end of each half.


Two halves of 15 minutes make the extra time 30 minutes long. If there’s no winning team after the extra time each team has 5 penalties. After the penalties, the winner can be officially determined.

Interesting Soccer fact

The soccer match between Germany and the Chez Republic at UEFA Euro 1996 Final. Oliver Bierhoff scored a golden goal 5 minutes after extra time started. This is the first golden goal in History and made Germany Champions.

Later in February 2004, it’s been announced that after Euro 2004 in Portugal, the golden goal would no longer be an option for winning a soccer match.

So there is no more golden goal rule in extra time. Both teams can take sudden death penalties, only in case if after 5 regular penalties still there’s no winner. Penalties are taken until the moment when one of the team missed a penalty. Then a winner can be determined.

Can I bet on extra time? Do soccer bets include overtime?

Stoppage time or injury time are included in your bet. But it’s a no for extra-time, penalty shootout etc.The soccer match markets are based on the result of regular 90 minutes.

Extra-time In-play Markets

The goals and corners that happen in regulation time will not be count.