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Half-time result betting

Placing your bet on this market means you have to focus only on your result in the first-half time and you should only guess the result at half-time.

There are three options to bet this way

The home team to be leading 

– The guest team to be leading

– Draw



Let’s take an example a match between Real Madrid and Valencia. The next odds will be given as an offer:

Real Madrid to be leading 1.90;

Valencia to be leading 2.30;

Draw 2.10

If you place 10 euros as a bet on this match for example to end up drawing you will win 21 euros (10*2.1). But if either team is leading the other by half-time you are losing the bet.


It’s easier to predict the first half-time!

Because there are matches that you can’t predict their final result, there is an easy prediction for the first half-time. So, this is a great news for the betters and it literally means that the ending result of the match won’t affect your winnings.

You should always pay attention to the soccer odds and make a good research before betting on half-time result because the perceived abilities of the teams playing will determine the soccer odds offered by the online bookmakers. You should always have in mind starting lineup, the configuration of players and if the coaches use defensive strategy at the beginning of the soccer match. And  in order to increase the chance of winning you should choose a draw there.