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Soccer corner betting tips

If you were wondering how to increase your chance of winning away from betting 1×2 and standard betting, we have the solution for you. Try soccer corner bettings! 

You can make a lot of money by betting on corners in soccer because is becoming very, very popular.

Why should I bet on corners?

First of all the odds in live corners are very attractive and plus you can take advantage if the bookmaker is lacking some information about the smallest details. If you decide to bet on soccer corner betting you should start looking at the past statistics. This type of betting market is different than the Standard one and from betting 1×2 markets. But remember that any underdog victories or any draws are more likely to happen in soccer rather than any other scoring sport. So definitely you should try this betting.


How can I bet on corners?                                                                                                  

 There are three different markets for corner bettings:

Handicap soccer betting


Money Line


When it comes to Handicap soccer betting let us give you an example.

 There is a match between Tottenham and Arsenal.  There might be an offer by a bookmaker to bet on +3 corners for Tottenham and -3 corners for Arsenal. If you place your bet on Tottenham they have to win more, anything up to two fewer corners or the same in order to win your bet.  If you plan to place your bet on Arsenal, then they have to win 4 more corners than Tottenham. 

As you can see Handicap soccer betting equals the format of Handicap soccer corner simply because the bookmark will give one side advantage (+) and the other side disadvantage (-).



In Total corners betting a figure has been set by the bookmaker for the expected combined numbers of corners.  Then the bettors can choose from under or over that number of corners that will happen in a given match.

If you want to bet on Money Line soccer corner betting market, it’s all about a match-up of who will win the most corners within the regular 90 minutes match.

Analyze the past statistics

When you look at the past statistics you should pay attention which teams are most likely to win corners and which of them are more susceptible to concede them. Before starting on betting you should take into consideration the team’s tactics, strengths, and weaknesses because that’s something that actually has an impact as well of the number of corners and some corner predictions.

A big contributor to winning corners are the shots because they indicate on the offensive dominance, and in order to be saved or deflected they can easily end up in one of the corners.

  The teams that are under more pressure have more shots against and blocks per match. That’s already an indicator of more likely conceding corners.

 More shots, more corners!

As you can see from the list underneath teams like Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United and Liverpool are at the top of the same for an average number of corners won by a game because of their play, which is more shots, more corners! It’s important to remember that not always your favorite team wins the most corners and that the team that wins most corners not always wins the match.

                                                          Premiere Ligue Corner Statistics 2017/2018


That’s all you need to keep in mind for your future corner predictions. Good luck!