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Andres Iniesta plans to play in his 40s

Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta reaffirms his desire to continue playing football in his 40s. Iniesta played his last game for Barca this season and will play his last World Cup in Russia this summer.

Andres Iniesta plans to play in his 40s

Andres Iniesta says football is his passion and wants to continue playing in his 40s. Iniesta could not bring himself to leave Barca during his career and has no regrets not having played in England.

The Spaniard spent 22 years at Barcelona, despite having many opportunities to play elsewhere, especially in England.

The midfield maestro told Daily Mail: “It would have been a great experience to play in England. But I never imagine that I would have been better off than at Barca”.

“Now my body asked me to leave Barcelona. It started to take longer to recover and the mental demands were many”.

Iniesta will continue his club career with Japanese side Vissel Kobe after the World Cup.

“I said I want to play football even when I am 40 years old”, added the midfielder.