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Cristiano Ronaldo to join Juventus for €100 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to leave Los Blancos and join Juventus for a €100 million transfer fee.

Cristiano Ronaldo to join Juventus for €100 million

Real Madrid will accept the €100 million offer from Juventus for Cristiano Ronaldo, claims a report from managingmadrid.com. The superstar is rumored to have already settled negotiations regarding his contract with the Italian giants. Cristiano will earn €30 million per year, according to a report from La Sexta’s Josep Pedrerol.

Ronaldo wants to leave Los Blancos because he does not feel loved and appreciated anymore, Marca reports.

The club decided to put a €100 million price tag on Ronaldo, thus forcing him to believe that he is not valued anymore in Madrid.