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World Cup 2018

Lothar Matthaus rips Germany flops

Germany legend Lothar Matthaus shared some strong words for Germany after they crashed out of the World Cup.

Lothar Matthaus rips Germany flops

Germany felt to a shocking 2:0 defeat to South Korea and crashed out of the tournament in Russia. Matthaus did not hold back his words and said the end result was deserved.

“Now I know what it must have felt like to be an England fan for so many years”, Matthaus wrote in a column for The Sun.

“In here we cannot complain. We got what we deserved with out performances”.

“Maybe we were lazy, or over confident. Never have I seen a German side play so bad for three straight games. It was not a Germany I recognized”.

“At home everyone was shocked and surprised. I am not angry because we crashed out. I am angry of the way we crashed out”.

Matthaus also questioned coach Low’s lineup decisions as he wrote in the column.

The legend won the world cup in 1990 and the European Cup in 1980 and is certain the Germans will come back stronger from this.